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Rose O’Neill (1874 – 1944)

EARLY LIFE O’Neill was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, of Irish immigrated parents. When she was three years old her family relocated to rural Nebraska, where she spent her early life. From early childhood she expressed significant interest in the arts,… Continue Reading →

Johan Braakensiek (1858 – 1940)

Rijkacademie Born in Amsterdam, as the son of Albert Braakensiek, card designer and lithographer. In addition to his job in a fashion store, he attended evening courses and was admitted to the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam in 1876, where he graduated in… Continue Reading →

John Tenniel (1821- 1914)

Tenniel was born in Bayswater, West London, to John Baptist Tenniel, a fencing and dancing master of Huguenot descent and Eliza Maria Tenniel. In 1840, Tenniel, while practising fencing with his father, received a serious eye wound from his father’s… Continue Reading →

Paul Gavarni (1804-1866)

CIRQUE DE GAVARNI He was born in Paris as Sulpice – Guillaume Chevallier. He was educated as an engineer but choose to follow lithographic lessons with Jean Adams. In 1828 he returned from the Pyrenees and swarfed through Paris without… Continue Reading →

Auguste Raffet (1804-1860)

Raffet was born in Paris. He was a student of Nicolas Toussaint Charlet and became an illustrator and a retrospective painter of the Empire. At the age of 18, he entered the workshop of Cabanel, where he applied his skill… Continue Reading →

Thomas Rowlandson (1756- 1827)

Rowlandson was born in Old Jewry, in the City of London. His father, William, had been a weaver but had moved into trading supplies for the textile industry and after overextending himself was declared bankrupt in 1759. Rowlandson was educated… Continue Reading →

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