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anonymous-Mazarinades (1648-1653)

Louis XIV was five years old when his father died of tuberculosis, so he was raised by a regency council consisting of his mother Anne of Austria and Cardinal Mazarin. FRONDE (1648-1653)  At the time of the Fronde,  Louis was… Continue Reading →

anonymous-Louis XIV-Dragonnades (1638-1715)

Louis XIV (1638-1715) Louis XIV had fallen in love with Marie Mancini one of the nieces of Mazarin but these urged him to marry with Maria Theresa with a prospect on claims to the Spanish throne. In 1660 that marriage took… Continue Reading →

anonymous-The War of three Henry’s (1588-1594)

RELIGIOUS WARS IN FRANCE The religious wars in France were mixed with the political struggle between king and nobility and more an aristocratic movement than a popular movement as in Germany. The Protestant Reform in France was started by John… Continue Reading →

anonymous-Cardinal Richelieu (1582-1642)

Louis XIII was nine years old when his father, Henry IV was assassinated in 1610. His mother asked Cardinal Richelieu as co-regent. During his reign as prime minister there appeared almost no pamphlets and satires. This was achieved by the… Continue Reading →

anonymous-Le Revers du Jeu Suisse (1499) – The other side of the Swiss game

THE FIRST POLITICAL SATIRE  In the time of the Renaissance originated in France the oldest purely political and satirical image that has been found so far and here in facsimile is displayed. It’s not a caricature because the personages are not… Continue Reading →

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