Huber was a Swiss painter and silhouettist, born in Geneva and he died in Lausanne. He started without having any training. He specialized in painting birds, but he had also talents as a caricaturist.

VOLTAIRE (1694-1778)

In 1756 Huber visited Voltaire in Ferney, and he spent twenty years painting and drawing the daily life of the philosopher and his colleagues and visitors.

Huber designed a sheet with thirty heads (“airs de tête”) of the philosopher and poet, with and without a wig, nightcap, grinning or pensive. They are witty but not overdone or vitriolic portrait charges. 

Voltaire complained that he was portrayed as an emaciated monkey and that he was ridiculed in whole Europe.

Nevertheless, Voltaire recommended Huber to his friends as painter, pastelist and silhouettist.