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Vladimir Mayakowsky (1893 – 1930)

Vladimir Mayakovsky is famous as a Russian poet, honoured as the poet of the Russian Revolution and an inspiring example of a poetical style of life with all he did undertake. But he was also a cartoonist and creator of… Continue Reading →

Paul Klee (1879 – 1940)

In 1901 Klee wrote in his diary in Rome: “I have now an overview of the culture of the Antiquity and her Renaissance. But I can’t imagine an adequate artistic viewpoint regarding our own time. That makes me desperate. With… Continue Reading →

Albert Hahn (1877 – 1918)

Albert Hahn was a Dutch political cartoonist, poster artist and book cover designer. He was born in Groningen where his father painted signs and glass and made frames. At the age of nine, he developed tuberculosis in his vertebrae and… Continue Reading →

Lyonel Feininger (1871 – 1956)

Lyonel Feininger was the son of the German-American composer Karl Feininger and the American singer Elizabeth Feininger, and he grew up in New York City. In 1888 he moved to Berlin to study at the Royal Academy of Berlin. Being… Continue Reading →

Johan Braakensiek (1858 – 1940)

Rijkacademie Born in Amsterdam, as the son of Albert Braakensiek, card designer and lithographer. In addition to his job in a fashion store, he attended evening courses and was admitted to the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam in 1876, where he graduated in… Continue Reading →

Edward Burne-Jones (1833 – 1898)

Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris are counted among the second circle of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. The character of this circle was more nostalgic and a sinking away in a dream world as opposed to the first circle of Holman Hunt,… Continue Reading →

Frederick Sandys ( 1829 – 1904)

Frederick Sandys was born in Norwich and received his earliest lessons in art from his father, Anthony Sands, who was himself a painter. He influenced his younger sister Emma Sandys, who worked in the genre of the portrait mainly of… Continue Reading →

Louis-Léopold Boilly (1761-1845)

Boilly was born in La Bassée in Northern France and died in 1845 during the Restauration and July Monarchy. He started painting at the age of 13 and was practically autodidact influenced by Dutch 17th century genre painters Gabriel Metsu… Continue Reading →

James Gillray (1756- 1815)

Gillray’s father was a 35-year-old Scotsman who had come to Chelsea after the loss of his right arm in the battle of Fontenoy in 1745. In 1749 he became a member of the Moravian Brotherhood (followers of John Hus) who… Continue Reading →

Jacques Louis David (1748-1825)

David began as a pupil of Boucher and stayed from 1775 to 1780 in Rome. He began to specialize in heroic scenes based on ancient art. In 1783 he received a state order of Louis XVI for the “Oath of the… Continue Reading →

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