Alfred Grévin was employed as a railwayman and began to draw for his pleasure without formal training.

In 1853 he settled in Paris as a caricaturist for “Le Gaulois” that was led by Arthur Meyer and later for the “Petit Journal pour Rire”.

In 1868 he started with “L ‘Almanach des Parisiennes”. To supplement his meagre salary as a draughtsman he offered his services as a costume designer for the stage theatre and the theatre of fairy-tales.

In 1881 he was contracted by Arthur Meyer for the realisation of the wax museum which got at the end his name. Museum Grevin opened in 1882.


His sketches, drawings and fancy costume-designs partly determined the fashion of his days by means of burlesque and overdone characteristics with a somewhat decadent appearance. The men’s fashion and above all the feminine silhouette and profile obtained in his work a quasi- modern elegance and a coquette and fairy-like grace.